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Steve "Too Risky" Schauer

1962 - 2017

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Late August expedition coming

WASRT is back to the Huckberry Ridge region to continue their 2017 research season.  The team will meet up Wednesday, Aug 23rd.  Stay tuned as the group continues their efforts to collect evidence of this illusive creature. The team will also use this outing to plan for next month's salmon run.  The salmon run is when these creatures are more likely to be out in the daytime  and thus improving the odds of capturing  photographic or video evidence.   Click the WASRT YouTube Button below to follow all our videos and don't forget to subscribe.

Season 9 Episode 7

WASRT announces the passing of Steve "Too Risky" Schauer

‚ÄčIt is my sad duty to announce the passing of our Co-Founder, Steven "Too Risky" Schauer.  Risky was an outstanding asset to our team, especially in the early years when we were striving to do new and different things in our search for Sasquatch.  He was instrumental in helping expand our technical capabilities and researching potential expedition areas here in his home area of the Pacific Northwest.   He was a master back woods navigator.  The team will not be the same without Risky, but he would want us to press on.  I have no doubt he will be looking down on us as we continue our quest.    Stay tuned to our YouTube channel "WASRT" to see expedition video updates.

Mount Rainer

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Latest scuttlebutt from team WASRT

Welcome to the WASRT Homepage!  We are a small team of researchers established in 2009, operating in the Pacific Northwest, primarily in the State of Washington near Mount Rainier.  Due to it's lush forests, mild climate and abundant wildlife, the area is a mecca of Bigfoot activity.

The website is new, replacing our old .com site. 

                                               - Steve "Mojo" Wilkins


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