Episode 18/16

​Once again the team sets up another thermal trap to run all night along an active game trail.  

Episode 15/16

​Camera traps are set nearby and the team does aerial recon with the Phantom 3 Professional drone. 

Expedition Videos from 2016

Episode 04/16

Dean arrives and the men set up the camera trap for "Operation Crybaby".   The team hikes away from camp to set up the multi-cam system in hopes of obtaining video and audio evidence.  Also, the men deploy their first ever drone to survey the surrounding forest.

Episode 08/16

​Before hitting the field, John and Mojo put the

​final touches on their camera traps.

Episode 01/16

Introduction to our 2016 research season.  The team has a lot of new things planned, so stay tuned.  We hope to capture some fantastic evidence to share with the world.  

Episode 05/16

The team collected video and audio from the first night of the camera trap and set up for another night.  This time, instead of using baby crying sounds to lure in the creatures, the use alleged audio of bigfoot howls and screams that were collected over the years.

Episode 17/16

​The team sets up a thermal camera trap along

the same road where Mojo thought he had a

rock thrown at him.  Watch the thermal footage as it run all night long.  Very interesting.

Episode 02/16

Mojo, John and Dean prepare for "Operation Crybaby". A very unique, multi camera trap that will be deployed later this week. The system uses two self powered, self contained camera set ups along with an audio box to blast audio in hope of drawing the Sasquatch into the trap.

Episode 07/16

Team WASRT has their final day/night in the field, finishing up their first of many expeditions this year.  They review camera trap evidence and walk the area for signs of the illusive Sasquatch

Episode 13/16

​Last day of their June 2016 Expedition.  More thermal camera footage plus field audio

​recordings of responses to John's howls.  Listen​​ to the response.

Episode 03/16

Mojo and John set up for the first day in the filed and recon the area for the camera trap that will be deployed.

Episode 09/16

​June Expedition Day 1.  Setting up the trip wire camera traps Day 1

Episode 12/16

​The team does some field fabrication and

​creates a hillbilly parabolic mic in order

​to improve audio recordings of vocalizations.

Episode 06/16

Team WASRT's multi cam tripwire proof of concept is verified.  The men review footage from their second night of trap deployment and collect evidence they were not expecting.

Episode 14/16

​First day of the expedition, the team is researching in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark who explored the area 211 years ago.

Episode 11/16

​WASRT breaks out the quad copter for some

​aerial footage around camp.

Episode 16/16

​The drone is down!  The team runs into some bad luck flying the professional drone and has a controlled flight into terrain.   

Episode 10/16

​Murphy's law comes to camp as the team

​works to fix a bug in one of their camera

​traps.  Dean joins up with John and Mojo.

Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT)