Washington Sasquatch Research Team (WASRT)

For simple cooking over the fire, this grill is simple and easy to pack away.  For those days you really want to keep cooking simple, this is what we use.

This 22400mah battery bank is worth it's weight in gold in the field.  Use it to keep your cell phone charged or use it to provide power to any of your gear that needs 5vdc.

This is an amazing camp stove that includes an oven.  Treat yourself to some good cook'n after a long day of Squatch'n! 

The latest in Sasquatch research is from the air.  WASRT using this 4K flying gem to survey the area for Sasquatch.  The camera has 3-axis stabilization for buttery smooth video!

Tiny, lightweight tracker tag

Don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.  This jump starter also has a portable air compressor to pump up your tires.  It also serves as a great battery back up for your electronics.  WASRT has relied on this many times.

Protect your expensive gear from moisture with this powerful protective coating.  Don't sacrifice your gear to the elements.

This powerful flashlight can light up the night like nothing we've ever used.  THRUNITE is a quality brand of flashlights that you can depend on.  No more wimpy Walmart flashlights for us.

Get the DJI Mavic Pro bundle and save $$$

Don't forget to stabilize that GoPro Hero 5 footage with this awesome 3-axis gimble.   Nobody likes shaky video footage.

This is our Cadillac of audio recorders!  The H4N captures incredible 4 channel audio and has multiple recording modes.  You can also use it for external audio for video work.  Capture that faint vocalization or wood knock with this pro level device.

A very powerful 8x36 monocular that is the perfect balance of size and capability.  You're already weighed down with camera gear, there's no need for a heavy pair of binoculars.  The optics on this little gem are awesome and it's fog and waterproof! 

The easiest way to get 4K footage while hiking the forest.  Use the many mounting options to go "hands free".  The only way to research!  If you only had one camera for research, this is it.

Great research command center

Get your squatch'n gear here!  This is the gear we use and recommend!  We rely heavily on technology in our search for evidence of Sasquatch and love the gear we use.  Please help support our effort by clicking below and consider making a purchase.  Full disclosure:  We will make a small commission on purchases through our website.   Your support is very much appreciated.

Sony A6500

Don't lose that expensive quadcopter!!!  This device has a tiny radio tracker normally used for finding your pet but it's great for finding your drone if it goes down.  It uses radio frequency (RF) to track your downed drone.  The battery will last for days, allowing plenty of time to retrieve your Mavic Pro or other drone.

Don't forget, audio is also very important in Sasquatch research.  Use it on the trail to capture the faint vocalizations that your camera may miss.  Or, keep it recording around camp to capture those surprise wood knocks or vocalizations.

Another new purchase for WASRT is this SUNOOM Double Canvas 2-person test.  This beauty is made from 14oz rip stop canvas and is waterproof and fire retardant. We can't wait to review this in the field.

If you're going to spend any amount of time in the field, make sure you have a reliable GPS.  This unit has a high sensitivity receiver and has never failed us, even in a thick forest canopy.  Highly recommended by WASRT!

A great lightweight travel tripod is perfect for taking in the field and strapping to your backpack to set some great steady video and photos.

4K video and 24mp stills

A hand crank/solar radio is nice thing to have if you plan to spend days in the field.  Keep up with the weather forecast so there are no surprises!  This AM/FM/weather radio always comes with us.

Crystal clear coated optics

8x36 fog and waterproof

The Plotwatcher Pro!  This is the ultimate daytime only time lapse camera.  With 8 AA batteries, this bad boy can take tens of thousands of pictures covertly in the forest for months on end.   It comes with a program that allows you to review the still pictures like a movie. 

Research with style and comfort with the Clam Pavilion.  Team WASRT uses this for every expedition now.  It provides amazing cover from the elements and is a great place to get the team together to plan the next mission in the mobile command center.

Always have a waterproof back up camera with you in the field.  This is practically bomb proof and ideal when the Pacific Northwest skies open up and it rains for days!  Don't risk your good cameras in the bad weather.  This is quite the little 16MP camera that takes great video and stills .  Ours is GREEN!

This is the best one of the best and most reasonably priced lenses for the Sony A6500.  It is lightweight and provides great zoom at a constant f/4 aperture.

Marco Polo radio tracker for your drone

Get the newest lightweight mirrorless camera that is OUTSTANDING at video and stills.  The is WASRT's newest purchase!

Shooting video in 4K is a must these days!  You get great resolution and the ability to CROP distant objects , which is very important when shooting video in the field.  Many cameras require a minimum of a UHS-1 card like this. Anything less, your camera will not shoot 4K.